3 Natural Kitty Litters That Don’t Stink

kitty litterKitty litter is usually made with non-biodegradable sodium bentonite clay or silica.

Prolonged exposure to these ingredients can cause damage to your mucus membranes, lungs and upper respiratory tract and if ingested by pets can lead to bowel blockages, kidney problems and dehydration.

At Crazy Cat Lady we love our kitties. And just because we’re called crazy cat ladies doesn’t mean we’re actually crazy. We’re actually quite sane. We know what it takes to keep a house clean and comfortable and what to do to make our pets happy. That’s why we opt for natural products whenever possible and consider the planet when we make a purchase.

When it comes to keeping your house free from harmful toxins, kitty litter can make a BIG difference. Not only that but some of the ingredients in conventional litters can really stink up the planet! Here are our top 3 picks for natural kitty litters.

1. World’s Best Cat Litter™. This litter is made from the concentrated power of corn to help you keep the air clean. It comes in a variety of scents including pine and lavender and is also flushable. No need to worry about its impact on the planet, because the corn granules are 100% natural and made with renewable ingredients. World’s Best Cat Litter contains no synthetic additives, chemicals or perfumes.  But do be careful – as some kitties may actually like the taste?!

2. Next Gen Pet. This all natural cat litter company has many natural options to choose from. They make their litters from recycled wood scrap and add green tea leaves to provide additional anti-bacterial benefits. And if ingested, you’re pets will be fine. How’s that?

3. Swheat Scoop. This is the only natural kitty liter on the market that is septic safe. Made from U.S. sourced secondary wheat it can be disposed of anywhere and you’ll never have to worry about its impact on our environment. Heck, toss the clumps in your garden if you want to!

Those clay litters that create a dust cloud when you scoop up is a thing of the past. Ditch it and save the bentonite clay for your face. We’ve got a great Gritty Kitty™ Litter Mask that removes toxins and impurities from deep within your pores with naturally derived bentonite clay from volcanic ash – not that synthetic stuff you’d find in real kitty litter.  Now that’s thinking outside the litter box!  😉





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