5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Switch to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

512px-OPI_nail_polishWhen it comes to nails, it’s difficult to resist the joy of painting them in various colors. It might be pricey for you to give your wardrobe a daily makeover but with your nails, all you need is a tiny bottle to change your look. Voila!

Regardless of how fun and easy it is to make your hands stand out, it’s important to make responsible decisions when it comes to nail polish. Here are some reasons why you should start tossing those man-made chemical-filled pigments and opt for a natural, non-toxic nail polish:

1. You can unknowingly expose yourself, family AND pets to cancer-causing chemicals.

Not all nail polishes list down the substances that go into each bottle. Some polishes are filled with chemicals that are not completely friendly to one’s health. Some of the harmful substances found in a handful of commercial polishes include the cancer-causing Dibutyl Phtalate (DPB) and Toulene which can pose serious consequences to your nervous system.

2. You have to endure the overpowering smell of noxic fumes.

Applying nail polish should not be an exhausting task. However, if the scent is too strong, surely it can result in headaches. Non-toxic nail polishes are made from non-toxic ingredients which won’t leave you nauseated.

3. You might be using something that’s tested on animals.

It is a universal truth that many beauty products labels test their products on animals. There is nothing beautiful about using something that has been tested on a creature through cruel and painful schemes. There are many ways to feel beautiful without making a creature suffer. This principle doesn’t only apply to non-toxic nail polishes. As much as possible, make sure that your arsenal is filled with non-toxic beauty items like natural facial serums and moisturizers. Surely our furry friends will be grrrrrateful!

4. You can contribute to hazardous waste.

Nail polishes are categorized as hazardous household waste just like your typical house paints. You have to be careful in disposing such polishes as they can further pollute the already ailing environment.

5. Your nails lose their luster with chemical-filled pigments.

Your nails might look stunning now but in the long run, there is a huge possibility for them to become dry and brittle because of the “poison” you’re using to coat them. What you’re after are beautiful nails and not the ones that turn yellow and chip easily. Non-toxic nail polishes ensure that you achieve gorgeous nails in a gentle manner. To make your nails smoother, you can also use organic cuticle creams made with essential oils.

Here’s a list of several non-toxic nail polish brands which you can trust. What brands have you tried?

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