Catify Your Home – 5 Useful Decorating Tips for Cat Lovers

Katze_Emmy_im_Blumentopf_sitzendDecorating your home can pose a challenge if you have cats, regardless of how cute and lovable they are.

Our lovable fur babies have the tendency to become over zealous and one sweep of their tails can break your prized ceramics into tiny pieces! Here are 5 helpful decorating tips for cat lovers so you can catify your home:

1. Keep fragile items away from your cat’s territory.

Kitties are wild you know… and therefore have no regard for price tags. It doesn’t matter if your possessions are pricey because as long as they can reach a surface, they may and will get to it. Low shelves, dressers, and center tables should not contain breakable items. The best way to display the fragile items you use in home decorating is to move them up – but not if your kitties can jump to their location!  As much as possible, steer clear from glass items because once they shatter, their fragments might injure your cat.  Always consider your cat’s favorite places and their tails when placing new objects.  Cats do like to be up high so consider cat trees and other catified home decorating items to keep them off of your shelves.

Placement of indoor plants.

Decorating for cat lovers can become challenging with plants around. They might chew on the leaves, dig in the soil, or even urinate in your pots! To avoid chewing, you can try to spray bitter apple or a natural deterrent (non-toxic only) on the leaves but it’s best to check with your vet (please!). On the other hand, to prevent a cat from digging, you may place stones or gravel on top of the soil.  Make sure you do not keep toxic plants in the home.

Cat grass is another catified home decorating option. You may use it as an alternative for real grass because it is proven safe for felines. Cat grass likewise provides additional vitamins to our furry friends.  Of course, you can grow your own catnip as well!  Meow!

Have several scratching posts.

Some cat owners encounter problems when their pets start to scratch their couches or other bigger furniture pieces. Purchase a scratching post (or 10 like us) and introduce them to your cat(s). Train your pet to use it and for every positive deed, don’ t forget to reward him with a praise or treat! You can also make u of protective coverings for your furnishings.

Be mindful of mirrors. 

Some cats looooooove mirrors. Thanks to their playful nature, they might stare (or attack) their own reflections especially if your mirror is in a good location for them. To prevent this, you may purchase velvet or satin fabrics which you can drape over the mirror.  They may steal the fabric and run if not secured well but it will be cute.  🙂

Get rid of hazardous household items.

While it is normal to yearn for a posh home, the safety of everyone living there is your first priority. Aside from glass, other objects can be dangerous for pets. Some items that can be toxic to your pets (and you) include air fresheners, some home decor items, and even hairsprays and common beauty products can cause illnesses to your feline’s fragile body systems. Consider non-toxic alternatives for yourself and remember – it’s best to keep all products designed for humans away from your pets.

Electric cords also stir the curiosity of cats because they think such cords are snakes. This is hazardous because apart from electrocuting your pet, a fire may likewise start. The cords may be wrapped using a duct tape. They can also be enclosed in hard coverings which you can purchase from your nearest hardware store.

With proper planning, you can catify your home decorating and keep your cat’s safety intact!

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