7 Ways to Pamper Your Cat the Taylor Swift Way

Taylor Swift CatMore than her heartfelt songs, Taylor Swift is known for her immense love for her cats – Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Fans cannot help but notice how this popular songstress showers her fur babies with affection.  This cRaZy cat lady ROCKS – literally!

If this popular Grammy winners compassion inspires you, here are some ways to make your favorite feline feel loved:

  1. Keep your pet engaged in fun activities. Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, your pet will surely appreciate even the simple game of cat and mouse, no real mice purrty please. Even if your cats appear docile, the DNA of their ancestors are also ingrained in them. This means that they also have the instinct to hunt and chase.  And guess what they do after?  Eat and sleep.
  2. Brush your purrtty cats coat to ensure that it remains free of tangles. Taylor Swift lovingly plays with her pets’ fur. You know you’re doing a good job if your cat can’t stop purring.
  3. Never underestimate the power of catnip because majority of cats fancy this famed flowering herb. You likely observed upon giving catnip to felines, most of them will purr and roll around. Some even drool! Consider catnip-filled toys, or grow your own plants outdoors.  Just be mindful of neighboring kitty visits.  They have purrty flowers too!
  4. A kitty cats nature is to observe from tall spaces – such as trees.  One of the ways to spoil your cat is by providing a safe spot for him or her to perch and look outside. We have placed carpeted comfy cat trees by our shop windows.  A simple solution is to place a blanket on top of a couch or chair in front of your window. If positioned near trees and nature, this viewing zone can even keep your cat occupied for hours.
  5. Make sure that your house has a scratching post too. The post will help dull sharp claws, while also providing kitty a sense of territory. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and paws. By scratching, they get to leave behind a unique odor. Fortunately, or purrhaps unfortunately, humans cannot detect it.  🙂
  6. For travel accommodations your cat could be pampered like a royal feline in special cat hotels. These hotels not only have bedroom suites – yes suites for cats but also provide gourmet meals for the feline guests.  Being said, some cats do best at home with a pet sitter, when pawsible, so don’t put your critter under unnecessary stress if they are not used to leaving their home i.e.; territory.
  7. If you or your friends love your kitties as much as we do, consider whimsical cat-inspired beauty and lifestyle products!  They are not just novelty gifts, they actually work! PLUS they bring laughter to any gift recipient. Items like Eye of the Tiger Feliner, Purrfectly Pure Artisan Soap, Felime Lip Balm, and Chamomeow Face and Body Mist are good for you AND the planet – not to mention synthetic fragrance and chemical free. The best part is that these products are nontoxic and cruelty-free, and portion of proceeds support cat rescues.  Surely your pet will meow in gratitude!Meow for now!

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