Crazy Cat Lady™
Purrfectly Pure Products


Crazy Cat Lady products were formulated by a holistic aesthetician, aromatherapist, tea aficionado, and animal advocate. Purrty crazy, eh? With over 28 + years’ experience treating humans with a variety of skin challenges; Sher knew there was something missing from her busy practice aside from the calming kitties… and that was laughter! So she set out to develop products that combined whimsical humor with the highest quality wholesome ingredients. But without the assistance of her CEO Lamont, CFO Blanche, Laverne and Gertrude, none of this would be possible.

The Crazy Cat Lady™ is overflowing with purrfectly pure products that have been carefully concocted by a skin care specialist.
Make sure to meet the team that makes it all happen!

We may make you giggle, but we are serious about non-toxic living, and animal welfare – nothin’ crazy ’bout that! 

Also, make sure to purr-use our blog!  Our blog posts provide beauty tips to help you achieve radiant skin, and reduce daily annoyances via aromapurrathy. We offer general kitty info in addition to tips on how to reduce the amount of toxins, poisons and ingredients from your lifestyle.


Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions are also conscious about the environment so we go the extra mile to make a difference! As a green business that supports animal welfare, we adopt principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers, communities, pets and the environment!

Here are just a few of the ways we contribute:

  • We select natural, unrefined & organic ingredients from sustainable environments
  • We use minimal packaging – less to produce and throw away
  • We use biodegradable earth friendly ingredients
  • Our products are concentrated; a little goes a long way
  • Our company car is a prius hybrid vehicle
  • We support various animal welfare organizations
  • We utilize glass, aluminum and PET plastic, the easiest materials to recycle
  • We are members of PETA’s Caring Consumer Project as an approved cruelty free company
  • We don’t use ingredients from suppliers known to conduct animal testing
  • We are a certified cruelty free company
  • Our specialty products are 100% biodegradable
  • We conserve energy, water and waste
  • We support animal rescues with donations and volunteering
  • Our items are always vegan and fair-trade
  • We are devoted to changing the stigma of the crazy cat lady – as most of us adopt vs shop, and save lives!
  • We are dedicated to ensuring that through our organic, green, and eco-friendly measures that we treat the earth and all of its inhabitants as nature intended!

We are paws-itive you will love our purroducts!

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