The Team

Meet the fab four felines that call the crazy cat lady their mama and boss.  We’re pawsitive you will love them as much as we do!

Behind every  “cat lady” is a team of fur-nomenal felines. My team consists of four crazy critters that I boss around all day and then cuddle up with at night. Working together, we provide around the clock customer care and the highest quality, gift and beauty products.

Lamont - VP

VP of Sales and Operations


Lamont   VP – Operations and logistics manager; handles inventory, QC, and oversees daily operations. This once feral kitty rescued 16 years ago is a true mama’s boy and the king of his pride, as well as our catnip quality tester. He loves his job, but sleeps most of the day thanks to the catnip.

Laverne Warehouse Manager Crazy Cat Lady

Warehouse/Shipping Manager


Laverne  Warehouse Manager  (ok, dining room manager). Laverne handles all incoming and outgoing orders making sure to repurrpose all materials.  She’s also our eco-expert. If you see cat fur in your order, it’s likely hers – as she likes to hang out in the boxes for a bit. A kitty has to mark her territory ya know? She then purrs sweet nothings into the mail carriers ears to ensure your products arrive in a timely manner.

Gertrude - Social Media Manager

Meet Gertrude
Social Media Manager
Prefers “Selfie’s”


Gertrude – Social Media Manager  Meow over Kim Kardashian, there is a new kitty in town! Every team has a diva and ours is Gertrude! This frisky torti was rescued from a poorly run rescue center and we nursed her back to health. This little darling is the queen bee of social networking and has helped build our presence online. Gertrude has the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all wrapped around her precious little paw. She posts news about our latest products and sends out photos of our delightful creations. Her ADD is only slightly affected by the little bird logo on Twitter. Once she gets past that, she pounces all over the Internet. She is also distracted by the birds and squirrels outdoors but when she focuses, and takes her kitty Ritalin (catnip) she gets the job done!


Blanche – CFO
Spends majority of time eating and “lion” around


Blanche – aka Big Mama –  Chief Financial Officer.   This torti uses her financial skills to ensure all kitties receive less food then her by meticulously weighing and portioning out more for herself…and it shows! Her nickname is Chief Food Officer. However, she does ensure that bills are paid in a timely manner. But watch out! She will have her claws out to get ya if invoices are overdue. Blanche has a mind for numbers and loves cold hard cash. She manages all of our financial matters while keeping a close eye on the Meow Mix. This shrewd kitty counts every last nickel and dime while making sure the rest of our furry brood stays in line. After rescuing her from a life in a cage, this big girl is livin’ large and not afraid to flaunt it!

Earl the Squirrel

Earl – Security/IT


Earl the Squirrel – Security/IT Yes people we KNOW it’s not a cat. 🙂 But business just wouldn’t be the same without our security/IT/foodie Earl. What he lacks in meow-ability, he more than makes up for in boyish charm. This handsome little devil has an eye for the ladies and keeps a watchful guard over the whole kit-ten-kaboodle. Not only does he keep an eye on the food dishes, but he also rations out water since he is an eco-friendly “nut” and insists on conservation. He is everyone’s ‘go to’ when there are unexplained dog barks or missing balls of yarn.


If orders are delayed, missing or not up to par please reach out to the appropriate employee above to have your issues resolved. Our team of furballs are ready to serve our customers 24/7.

Check out the team in action HERE and follow us!
To learn more about the founder, formulator & whacky woman behind this project click here. 

The Crazy Cat Lady Team

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VP At Rest Daily Naps are Encouraged at the Headquarters for Better Performance

VP At Rest
Daily Naps are Encouraged at CCL Headquarters for Better Performance

Getrude enjoying a magic carpet ride?

Gertrude enjoying a magic carpet ride?

Cat Warmers

Cat Facial
No Extra Charge for High Quality Foot Warmers

Friendly flirting or sexual harassment?

Friendly flirting or sexual harassment?

Blanche Nap

Blanche on Break
Pay is docked if more then 30 minutes/7x daily