6 Tips For Fresh and Luscious Lips

14030416279kcguLip care is NOT just for winter. It’s important to keep your lips hydrated and super smooth all year round.

Here are simple tips on how to care for lips naturally:

1. Before going to bed, gently massage your lips as it will greatly improve the blood circulation. You may even use a SOFT (very) toothbrush with circular motions to mildly exfoliate dead skin of the lips prior to applying your lip care.  If it hurts, stop!

2. Even if your lips are not chapped, it’s important to use natural lip balm that is non-toxic and comprised of rich organic oils. More often than not, synthetic ingredients aggravate and contribute to chapping of the lips, and can irritated the surrounding skin. Applying it at night is ideal, as many of us are mouth-breathers while we sleep, and not aware,  thus increasing dry chapped lips.

3. Drink plenty of water (filtered or reverse osmosis) to ensure that your lips will remain hydrated. And please, avoid smoking and smoke-filled bars or hangouts as it is one of the major causes of lip discoloration and vertical lip lines.

4. Avoid sipping through straws. This puckering motion will increase vertical lip lines over time, which are challenging to repair.

5. Do not EVER attempt to pick or peel off the skin of your chapped lips. Keep in mind that the skin on your lips is so delicate and one wrong move can irritate them for some time.

6. If you have dry, loose skin that peels on the lips, every once in a while, you can exfoliate your lips with sugar. All you will need is a spoonful of  finely granulated brown sugar with a dash of olive oil. Let the mixture sit on your lips for a minute or two then remove it carefully using a damp washcloth and circular motions.  Gentle pressure please.

For instant relief, opt for organic lip balm that has soothing contents like coconut oil, olive oil, and vegan candelilla wax.



With luscious well-cared for lips, surely you can smile all day long!  🙂
Meow for now!

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