Catify™ Your Beauty Routine with 5 Tips Towards Skin Purrfection™

Want to Achieve Skin Purrfection™ ? 
Check out these 5 easy ways to catify your beauty routine!  

Face Mask Cat Lady

Our Top Cat and Skin Care Expert Recommends these tips, just to name a few, to pounce out blemishes, wrinkles and annoying leopard spots (age spots)! So Start Meow!

1. Remove your makeup at night 
Skin cells regenerate at night thus improving texture, tone and skin radiance. Leaving makeup on can contribute to clogged pores and interrupt this essential cycle from optimal benefits.  Don’t leave your cosmetics on and wake up in a tail-spin!  >^^<

2. Use a Purrifying™ Facial Toner
Sure, seems an extra step yet a necessary one.  Why?  Because while “many” toners are not necessary this specially furmulated tonic combines gentle exfoliators and hydrating ingredients to optimize moisture balance in the skin, while also assisting with regulating skin pH after cleansing.  In addition, botanical additives offer skin calming and soothing benefits to reduce inflammation and irritation – a leading cause of both aging and redness/rosacea.  How ya like meow??

3. Yoga is Not Just for Kitties
Ever notice your kitties get their stretch on?  As soon as they awake they take what appears to be downward facing cat – sorry dogs, we are offended. Pets know that improving circulation is essential prior to moving to prevent injury, so why don’t us silly humans?  As it relates to skin, these inverted postures improve circulation drawing blood into the face and improving skin radiance and a healthy glow.  So hang out upside down, join your kitties, but not in public please.

4. Avoid Toxic Ingredients and Environments
What we put on our skin, inhale and utilize for cleaning both at work and home may be harmful to the environment AND the aging process. This includes cigarette smoke, synthetic fragrances, parabens, ureas and more!  Purrtect your pets, family and yourself by avoiding potentially harmful ingredients and prevent accelerated aging and free radical damage.  Who wants wrinkles or leopard (age) spots?  No thank ya! Not meow, and not later if I can help it!

5. Detoxify Your Skin and Body
It’s important to have purrty™ skin so consider a detoxification routine.  This should include a diet rich in organic fruits and veggies, along with a weekly purifying mask and bath to detoxify and draw impurities from the skin.  You can also customize your facial mask!  Learn More Here >>Meow!

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