Five Health Benefits of Catnip for Humans

dreamstimefree_146427 copyEveryone has their little weaknesses.  For us crazy cat ladies, it’s our kitty cats and our chocolate.  For dogs, it’s raiding the garbage can.  For our kitties, it’s likely to be catnip.  But did you know that catnip’s for people too?  It turns out our cats are onto something:  There are many health benefits of catnip for humans and kitties alike, so get yourself some catnip tea and drink up!  There’s also the option of joining your kitties in their catnip mouse chase – hey, we don’t judge!


Ever notice that after going crazy for their catnip toys, your kitty cats seem to enjoy a few moments of tranquil feline bliss?  It turns out that people have the same reaction!

Catnip is a mild sedative, so is great for frazzled nerves, and can help you get a good night’s sleep without the risk and negative side effects of conventional medications.  It’s also claimed to be good for hyperactive children, and can help sooth colicky toddlers as well.

Gastrointestinal Benefits

Catnip is great for calming a cranky tummy.  Catnip tea soothes the stomach, and also lowers acid levels to help stave off heartburn and indigestion.  It’s also helpful with abdominal pains, gas and bloating.

Headache Relief

Catnip tea or extract is a great alternative headache remedy, particularly for stress-related headaches such as migraines or tension headaches.  Catnip relieves muscle tension, which is a common headache culprit.

Cold and Flu Remedy

Catnip is a helpful home remedy for cold and flu for several reasons.  First, compounds found in catnip are thought to possess antiviral and antibacterial properties, and may also boost the immune system.  It can also help break fevers, so can keep your body temp down while you’re under the weather.

Menstrual Pain Relief

When it’s your time of the month, it might also be your time to break out the catnip!  Catnip relieves menstrual pain as well as bloating and cramping.  Its mild sedative effect also helps relieve stress and crankiness.

Catnip for humans has become increasingly popular, and for good reason!  Share this gem with your kitties to stay happy and healthy the all-natural way.  Try catnip bath teas, drink it or make a lovely sachet to calm your nerves and promote restful sleep, but don’t be surprised if your cat is on your head.  🙂

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