How to Create the Purrfect Cat Eye Makeup

A sharp cat eye like you’ll see Taylor Swift wear is easy to create.

Skip the liquid eyeliner that’s unforgiving, or those poking pencils! All you need are a few items and a little Eye of the Tiger  Feliner ™ . Having a smooth glide to the liner is key, so get your shadows ready and create everything from smokey, to sultry and super fashionable looks.

Got a great party dress and want to doll it up with some great cat eye makeup? Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Primer

2. Neutral base

3. Eye of the Tiger Feliner ™

4. Blending brush with a sharp edge

5. Mascara

How to create the cat eye makeup:

  • Prep your eye with a primer. You can use your regular foundation here.
  • Draw short dashes of Eye of the Tiger eyeliner across your lid until you complete a straight line. Don’t go all the way into the inner corner of your eye or you’ll end up with gunk in just a few hours.
  • Extend that line beyond your eye’s bottom lid – bringing the line straight out with your brush.
  • Draw the line out as long or short as you prefer the wing of your cat eye to be.
  • Connect the outer tip of the wing with the rest of the line by creating a hollow triangle.
  • Fill in the triangle with Eye of the Tiger Feliner.
  • Apply your choice of eye shadow to complete the look.

All you need is a few simple tools to create the purrfect cat eye make up look. Bat those lashes and know that you won’t do any damage to your peepers if you’re using quality purrroducts!  It’s 75% organic, non-toxic and four-legged friendly because it’s vegan eye makeup!
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