Customize Your Kitty Litter Facial Mask – The Crazy Cat Lady Way!

Michelle Phan's Kitty Litter Mask Video

Michelle Phan’s Kitty Litter Mask Video

Kitty litter facial masks rose to fame when renowned beauty blogger Michelle Phan shared her experience. While there’s nothing wrong with DIY kitty litter facial masks, you have to be careful because many brands of kitty litter contain aluminum silicate (the sound alone is intimidating!).

If you want to save time, you may consider the ready-made Gritty Kitty™ Litter Mask. Not only it is effective in cleansing the pores but it is likewise affordable! If you don’t like the idea of putting kitty litter on your face, don’t worry because ours isn’t made of actual kitty litter but of super cool absorbent clay that comes from volcanic ash.

When mixed with liquid, an electrical charge is produced which in turn draws out the skin’s impurities. The clay acts like a sponge because the toxins stick to it.  And it gets even better then that. There are so many applications for it, in the bath it softens skin, it takes the itch out of bug bites, its soothing for psoriasis and much, much more!

To make the most out of your Gritty Kitty litter mask, you may customize it via naturally derived plant extracts instead of plain water.  Here are some of our favorites depending on the skin’s needs:

Stop Stressin’ Meow Calming Mist – Mix this with your mask,  and you’ll have a spa-like experience because luscious lavender smells oh-so-good! Lavender likewise reduces stress and the same time, soothes sensitive, and dry skin but it is useful for acne and all skin types to soothe and tone.

Chamomeow Face and Body Mist – Chamomile works best because of its calming properties. It also nourishes reddened and irritated skin. This mist has a bonus too in the form of aloe vera – which treated the most sensitive skin.  Ideal for rosacea, and easily reddened skin.

Menopaws Mist – Thanks to PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause, a female’s mood might be compared to a rollercoaster. The Menopaws Mist is therapeutic as it features the calming combination of floral water and ylang-ylang essential oil. Aside from relieving tension, this mist hydrates dry skin, fights fine lines and the occasional hormonal breakouts.  Purrfection!

Purrifiying Facial Tonic – Say goodbye to blemishes with this tonic which gently tones, tightens, and exfoliates the skin. Imagine how powerful your Gritty Kitty litter facial mask will be if it will have a few drops of this tonic.

Remember to not put in too much toner in your Gritty Kitty litter mask. The mask should appear muddy and paste-like vs. watery.

Create a custom facial mask for any and all skin types with our unique options! Make sure to use the mask no more then one to two times per week. See how easy it is? You don’t need to exhaust yourself  in order to have a purrfect mask. Have fun welcoming radiant skin!

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