Your Guy’s Guide to Facial Hair Grooming – Whisker Away!

ryan-gosling-beardBeards, mustaches, goatees and even sideburns are part of a man’s most admired qualities… right?

Well, while not all of us agree on it the guys seem to be taking to that look. Purrrsonally, I dig it! 🙂 We may be Crazy Cat Ladies but we haven’t forgotten about the men who love us and their grooming necessities.

Today, you’ll see tons of celebrities rocking facial hair styles including Ryan Gossling and Brad Pitt. As you may have anticipated, the more men who sport the lumberjack look the more it becomes accepted. And while beards and other bristles are making a comeback – we’re not gonna let our guys go ungroomed. So here are 4 tips to help him keep everything from a 5 o’clock shadow to a full beard kept, clean and looking great.

1. Stick With It.Once he finds a shape that works his face – go with it! Growing a mustache might be a good look for someone who has a larger nose, and a little stubble looks great on those with thinning hair but not every style is created equal. Help your guy make a decision based on what works for HIM.

2. Let it Grow. Congratulations… He’s made a choice. But shaving and shaping can get tricky. Be patient because shaving too early can leave him looking like Bob Segar. That beard may creep down his neck and that’s ok! Trimming to closely can be a big no-no. Yowza!

3. Lather Up. Facial hair isn’t the same as the hair that grows from the scalp. While you may not want to share your shower time, let him linger in there. He’ll need some extra time to shampoo AND condition his new growth to keep it clean and soft.

4. Down Boy! Grooming facial hair is an important part of showing off those whiskers. If your guy has given up going clean-cut, don’t leave him without our Crazy Cat Lady Whisker Wax Grooming Salve to tame unruly flyways. It smells divine too so he will truly enjoy the experience.

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