Kitty Cat Rescue – Why Beth and Howard Stern and Other Celebrities Do It and You Can Too!

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Rescue a Pet and Save a Life!

You don’t have to think far outside the litter box to know that animal welfare is good for your soul and for the pet population, but have you considered various ways you can help?  Cats make purrfect companions but sadly they end up in animal shelters when people don’t do their research, OR buy them as gifts, a big NO-NO according to animal advocats and celebrities like Beth Stern.  Rescuing from shelters is a grrrrreat thing, but pet gift-giving, not always.

So why is this such a purrroblem?   Well for one, as cute and cuddly as they are, many people are ill-prepared to take on a new family member.  And that is exactly what they are, part of the family.  Pets require additional expenses, not too mention daily care; including feedings, love and playtime.  Neglect them like you would a child and you guessed it…all hell breaks loose.  In addition, kitten and puppy companions are a handful and can be exposed to dangerous wires, electronics, and more, not too mention get their purrrecious paws caught in doors, drawers and even have their tails injured if not careful.   They are not toys for small children and should be supervised initially.  We are not saying if you are an experienced pet owner that these things are always problematic, but in many cases, gifted pets end up in rescues because they were more then the recipient bargained for.  So please consider their little lives as fragile as that of a babies.

What are some ways you can learn to care for current or future pets?  

  • Speak to or volunteer at your local rescues – they are pawsitively happy to assist you in learning to care for your new addition.
  • There are great books on the market that offer purrfect guidance.
  • Consider adopting a full grown pet, vs kitten or puppy, their purrrsonality is going to be more obvious for you to determine if there is a connection, and the training and playtime may be lessened should you have physical limitations or time constraints.
  • Never assume your kitty is not using their litter pan because they are “bad”, often this is a sign of infection, irritation to paws or even location of pan and/0r type of litter.  In multiple pet households it is recommended to have 1 litter pan per cat plus 1 additional.  Solves the purroblem in most cases unless a health issue is the case.  To learn more about this consult your local veterinarian. 

Have allergies or financial limitations and still want to help?  No purroblem!

  • Donate towels or sheets to your local rescues.
  • Start a fundraiser at your local school or community center to collect food or towel donations – it’s purrty simple!
  • Donate your time – or resources from home, to check vet references for adoptions for your local rescues.
  • Participate in application days and local events to support animal welfare.
  • Encourage fostering pets to friends and family – not only does it help the pets but it supports your rescues.
  • You can donate, even a few dollars here and there makes a difference.
  • Consider fostering a pet for a local shelter.  You will receive hands on experience, not too mention guidance, and free a beautiful creature from

    Courtesy of Amazon- Beth Stern’s “Yoda” Beaaautiful!

    caged living. And purrhaps, the kitty works out just fine.  🙂

The list goes on and on and on but it’s never to late to start!
As I sit here typing this with my team of fuzzy felines, I am here to share that every little bit makes a difference!

Check out some great rescues doing great work HERE!

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