Beat Pet Depression With These 3 Tips!

grumpy-catPet depression is a real thing. And it’s just as real as human depression.

Did you know that during the winter months seasonal affective disorder or SAD begins about this time of year for people? It’s true! The lack of sunlight and fewer activities can sap your energy and make you depressed. Have you thought for a moment that your pets might also be bothered by the change in seasons, or your mood?

There are a variety of ways to approach depression and even if you don’t find yourself suffering from SAD this year a change in the weather alone can alter your pet’s mood and behavior. So here are a few ways to get things back to good.

  1. Get them on their feet. Just like people, a sedentary lifestyle for pets can have a significant impact on their good mood. If your pets are lazing around on cold days, pick up a few fun toys to get them moving. While there are a lot of things that are different in the pet world and our world, there’s one thing that’s the same: when you’re suffering form depression sometimes, and that’s when it feels best to get moving! You know there’s nothing like a friend knocking on your door with a Frisbee or feathers on a stick to perk you up…. Or whatever makes you forget your troubles. Catnip is wonderful as well, assuming your cat likes it.  Not all do.
  1. Lighten up! Environmental factors can have a huge impact on your pets depression. If you notice that your dog or cat is having behavioral changes like a loss of appetite or is becoming withdrawn they may be responding to those early sunsets too! So take the opportunities when they arise to sit near a window and soak up what sunshine there is. In humans, low levels of sunlight are associated with low levels of Vitamin D, an important nutrient for your good mood. And for pets, they may simply notice that there are fewer hours in the day and less time to play with you. Turn on a few extra lights in the house during sunset to brighten things up a bit and stave off depression.
  1. Schedule a play date. If your feline friends can’t see anything out the window besides clouds, now you have a grumpy cat. Don’t blame yourself! There are only so many hours of sunlight in the day. But even if you have to stay in you can have friends and family come over, right? If you have a dog, have them bring their furry friend along. We know cats don’t typically love new feline friends so entertain them with love and play. Having humans visit is also beneficial, as the mental simulation may help your pets from slipping into SAD-ness themselves.

There’s so many things that we have in common with our pets. Did you know that there are herbs known to offer benefits to your pets that also provide health benefits to us? It’s true! Chamomile may help to ease pet anxiety, and your own!

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