Natural Hairball Remedies

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Hairballs are a common problem for those of us who are owned by our kitties, and they’re no picnic for our kitty cats either. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural hairball remedies out there to decrease your kitty’s hairballs naturally.

How Do Hairballs Develop?

Our kitties swallow a large amount of hair when they groom themselves, as the rough surface of their tongues is perfect for pulling dead and excess fur from the coat during grooming. In multi-cat households, one kitty may groom her brothers and sisters, meaning that she will ingest an unusual volume of hair and therefore have more hairballs than your average kitty.

Helping Your Kitty out With Her Hair Care

Because hair ingested during grooming is the culprit for hairballs, brushing your cat for just a few minutes a day can be a huge help for her hairball problems. However, not all kitties like to be brushed, so don’t force it on her. If your cat is brush-phobic, you may be able to warm her up to it by starting out slowly. Kitties also benefit from baths, especially if they have allergies or skin conditions.

Take a Look at Diet

If your cat is currently eating dry food, the lack of moisture in his GI tract could keep hair from effectively passing through. A canned, balanced diet can work wonders for hairball problems, and your kitty will thank you.

Healthy fats are also beneficial for hairballs and for your kitty’s health in general. An Omega-3 supplement will improve your cat’s skin and hair health, reducing shedding and dander. Additionally Omega-3’s will enhance her digestive health, allowing hair to pass through more efficiently.

A psyllium fiber supplement can also help hair pass through your kitty cat’s digestive tract efficiently. Break open one capsule, mix the contents with water and add the mix to your kitty cat’s food each day.  We also love bene-bac pet gel and powder for our kitties as it helps to promote a health digestive track via prebiotics.  Also great for humans!

Remedies to Avoid

Petroleum-based products, either those marketed as hairball products or products used off-label are hazardous for your cat, and can also impair the absorption of nutrients. Mineral oil is also not the best plan for similar reasons.  When natural hairball remedies are safe and effective, there’s no reason to risk it.

If in Doubt, Call the Vet

If your cat is producing an abnormal amount of hairballs or if they’ve suddenly worsened, it’s time to see the vet. This could indicate that your kitty is suffering from digestive troubles or worse.

Over to You…

Is your kitty a reformed hairball sufferer? If so, we’d love to hear about your own natural hairball remedies. Tell us all about in the comment section or join our community to connect with other crazy cat ladies!!

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