Meowijuana™ Catnip Calming Mist


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Meowijuana™ Calming Mist
Multi-Purrpose Organic Catnip Mist – for Humans

This multi-purrpose organic mist soothes the mind, skin and even repels insects!  How ya like meow?!
This refreshing minty mist smells and makes you feel oooohhhh soooo fine.  Get your chill on the all-natural way when you need to destress and unwind.  Simply spritz the air, your pillow or your skin.  You will even repel pesky insects. Try this mist and experience purr-vana in no time.

Great for:

  • chilling out and destressing
  • repelling pesky insects
  • promotes restful sleep
  • gift giving to cat lova’s!

100% Organic Catnip Calming Mist  – subtle minty aroma

Made in USA
2 fl oz



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