Pawchouli™ Beauty Balm and Purrfume


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Pawchouli™ Beauty Balm
Natural Cream for Anti-Aging and Detoxification  

Get your glow on with our  all-natural Pawchouli  (Patchouli) Beauty Balm and Purrfume, offering the finest patchouli essential oil blend in a base of hydrating organic coconut oil. Use to quickly alleviate the effects of dehydrated skin, and aging or place a dab here and there as an earthy, relaxing perfume with its light notes of lavenpurr™  and tangerine. You’ll want to tuck this little wonder into your purse so you’ll always be ready for that close-up. Purrfection!

Great For:
 Acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry, dehydrated, lack luster, mature skin and wrinkles. Soothing stress-relieving aroma.
Access your inner hippie with pawchouli ™ !

Application:  Apply to skin as desired. As a purrfume, apply to wrists, temples, behind ears or in the hair. Inhale deeply to experience the benefits of purrrfectly pure™  aromas.

Vegan | NonGMO | NonToxic | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

  • 1 oz | 15 gr
  • For dry and combination skin
  • Made in the USA


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