Adopt a Kitty and Save a Life!

You would never know how lonely a daily beauty regimen is until you have a playful furry tail wrap it’s way around your leg as you gaze in the mirror, have your products knocked onto the floor, or see a paw dip into your face cream. Oops! We all know true beauty is a warm, genuine smile that comes from true happiness. And you can definitely increase the amount of love, warmth and happy smiles by bringing another cat into your home.

We know that it’s easy to take in more than one homeless kitty, because they simply give more than they take. So if they call you a crazy cat lady, we say that’s purr-fectly ok! Most crazy cat ladies are not sitting around in pajamas, sipping out of a milk carton on their porch. Join us in our devotion to promote what most crazy cat ladies are really doing. We adopt vs. shop and save lives.

If you have a home that only includes one cat, (or have mercy me… none) please consider rescuing another or helping to find a home for a pet in need. These animals are so loveable, communicative, responsive and affectionate that to allow even a single one of them to go unattended or neglected is saddening, and embarrassing to us as a community. Help take responsibility for the poor care we have taken as a society of these loving pets. Rescue one or help find a home for one in a shelter today.

Allergic, have limitations?  Consider volunteering, donating, and even providing used towels, blankets, food and supplies to local rescues, every little bit helps.
At minimum, know your purchase here will support our cause and many precious paws.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks for visiting, and caring….

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And visit these wonderful rescues supporting our cause and purrr-ecious paws!