Retract Your Claws During Menopaws™ – 8 Steps to Reduce Symptoms

Holy Meow Cat Woman!  What a time for CrAaAzZy Cat Ladies Menopaws™  can be!Menopaws_Mist

Some of the most challenging transitions for skin, mind, body AND beauty occur during puberty,  menopaws and peri-menopaws in females.  So how can you get through these frustrating years? We’re not lion, there is no purrfect solution for all cRaZy cats, but…

These natural beauty and lifestyle tips should help you conquer a few of them:

Get Plenty of Rest  –
We all know that sleep deprivation can contribute to depression, mood swings and tension. Skin cells rejuvenate during the sleep cycle, so don’t skimp here, even if you have to take a cat-nap during the day.  If sleep is challenging for you try a soothing chamomile bath prior to slumber, or try meditation, doodling, or journaling to ease any thoughts on the mind. With plenty of sleep, your mood will be lifted and you will ease into your day with less stress and worry.

Botanicals such as calming chamomile, rose petals, lavender buds and spirit-lifting oat straw help promote a sense of calm and improve mood. You can find these goodies in our Menopaws™ tea. Pretty tasty too. Black cohosh tea is also said to support fluctuating estrogen levels to bring hormones back into balance. Studies suggest it may reduce hot flashes and mood swings.

Skin Care
Estrogen is on the decline during these stages contributing to dry, lackluster skin. In addition to quality sleep for skin cell rejuvenation, you will want to exfoliate more regularly using mild ingredients.  Masks, natural fruit-derived acids, and willowbark (natural salicylic acid) are just a few ways you can do this with little time invested.  Quality products containing essential fatty acids, and botanicals should be applied to clean skin both am and pm.  For some, this whacky ride results in adult acne – and even rosacea! Not so purrfect. These skin types will also benefit from exfoliators such as willowbark, and skin soothing botanicals such as chamomile, and lavender.  Supplementing with zinc is also useful in acne to prevent recurring eruptions.

Hot Flash Mists
If you are experiencing hot flashes, use less covers in the evening, and/or layer in case you wake up in a sweat.  You can also mist your face with a cooling, hydrating mist that also benefits the skin AND mind.  Facial mists containing ylang ylang are particularly useful for hormonal imbalances and can help alleviate occasional irritability and mood swings. Plus, the aromatic essence is heavenly.  Chamomile and lavender are also lovely mists to have within a paws reach.  Just spritz your face or around you, take a deep breath in, and repeat  “it’s temporary – retract your claws”.
These convenient mists should help ease you ease into purrrvana……

Supplements  –
Vitamins E helps to reduce mood swings, anxiety, menstrual discomfort and even hot flashes. Try taking d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E) daily.
Vitamin C, along with citrus fruit bioflavanoids  support the adrenal glands (stress fight or flight hormone) for stress reduction and adrenal balance.
Magnesium and Vitamin D are also often deficient in women.  Vitamin D is essential for overall health, but also essential for healthy skin and hair. Magnesium offers calming properties, and is recommended for bone and heart health, and often missing in high enough quantity from our diets today.
Chaste berry tree helps normalize the secretion of hormones and helps bring estrogen and progesterone into balance during the peri-menopause transition, which may assist in prevention of acne breakouts and/or dry skin.
Above are just a few, the list goes on and on, as I share from purrrsonal experience.  >^^<
*Please consult with your doctor prior to supplementing if you have any health concerns, illness or or are on hormones or other medications.

Flaxseed oil – Flaxseed oil or the milled seeds contain fatty acids which help ease PMS, and bloating.
Try adding this to a smoothie, or salad. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, hydrogenated fats and processed foods.

Meditation  – Mindful meditation is an easy practice to incorporate into your day.  Start with just 5 or 10 minutes, and increase as the practice becomes easier for you.  Find a quiet space, indoors or outdoors, and sit comfortably.  Focus on your breath, allowing thoughts and worries to come and go, just bring your attention back to the breath.  Breathe slowly and deeply.  If you can do this twice a day, even better!  You may find your kitties join you.  The deep breathing, peace and tranquility are attractive to felines and humans alike.  My kitties often circle me, purr, nudge, and/or climb into my lap.  Meditation helps manage chronic pain, anxiety and depression, according to the 47 studies analyzed in JAMA Internal Medicine.  Meowvelous!

Yoga  – Get your cat stretch on!  Have you ever noticed your pets stretch immediately upon rising?  What is intuitive to them is not so to us. We are often rushing and juggling several tasks vs easing into our day. Slow down, breathe deeply and try a few poses such as downward facing cat (sorry dogs we take offense to dog), childs pose and tree pose to get your blood flowing and mind focused on breathing. Inverted postures also help increase blood flow to the skin, improving skin tone and radiance. Stretching also helps reduce painful cramps and body aches that are more common as we age. Stretching is easy and aids in stress reduction.

For more support of skin, mind, body and mood, please consider speaking to a physician or consult with a skin care specialist depending on your needs.
Retract your claws, this too shall pass.



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