Think Outside the Litter Box Meow! Multipurpose Beauty Products and Their Surprising Uses

Think Outside the BoxMeow over Kim Kardashian! There’s a new kitten in town with celebrity beauty secrets, ready to steal your show!

Beauty counters these days are filled with products which promise to do different things. If you’re someone who does not want to have countless products in your arsenal, don’t fret because multi-purrrpose beauty products can help you.

Product: All Natural Vegan Skin Balms
Purr-poses: Perfume and moisture booster

Combat the environment’s harsh effects by ensuring that your skin’s moisture leven is intact. To retain OR regain your skin’s glow, you may take advantage of beauty balms that are made of fine organic oils and essential fatty acids. Your lack luster skin will surely thank you! Apart from nourishing dehydrated skin, several beauty balms can also act as purrrfumes. Choose balms with aromas from natural sources like lavender and patchouli. Apply these balms to your wrists and temples for instant relaxation.  Mmmmm.

Product: Mists
Purr-poses: Stress reliever and make-up setting spray

Being exhausted is normal but lavender-infused mists can take away your anxiety. Aside from their soothing effects, you may also use mists to set your make-up. Just look for organic mists which not only promote relaxation but can also do wonders for the skin. These mists can also be used to alleviate the redness of small insect bites, balance the skin, infuse moisture and more!  How ya like meow??

Product: Lip Balm
Purr-poses: Thirst quencher and aromatherapy

Lip balms are not only luscious but you can also a dab on your temples or take a whiff to benefit you. Peppermint helps alleviate nagging headaches and also invigorates.  Lime uplifts the spirit and promotes a sense of happiness. Want to try these double duty aromas for yourself, grab a nourishing lip balm.  Also consider what great gifts they make.

Product: Gritty Kitty™  Litter Mask
Purr-poses: Mask, skin softener, poultice and bath additive!

The litter mask is comprised of anything “but” kitty litter, relax now. 🙂  The all natural clay mask is a gentle way to eliminate the skin’s impurities. As you remove oil and grime, your skin will similarly be nourished as opposed to other clay masks that can leave the skin irritated or try. This mask also offers a skin softening bath additive. Gentle products lessen the possibility of you accelerating the aging process. Meowch!  No can do!


Having a multi-purrpose beauty stash is ideal for those who want to save time and money.  Multitasking products are also recommended for those who are fond of traveling and can’t afford to carry a heavy vanity kit. See? Being creative doesn’t hurt!

Meow for now!

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