The Truth about Beauty Products With Artificial Fragrance: Why It’s Best to Opt for Non-Toxic Scents

512px--Дамская_сумочка-It is undeniable that scents stimulate human emotions. For this reason, manufacturers of purrsonal care products are doing their best to capture scents that trigger positive emotion. This way, companies can sell more of their products. However, these artificial fragrances do not always equate to positive health or beauty effects. As opposed to non-toxic fragranced products, some items with artificial scents can contribute to allergies, headaches, alter moods, harm our pets and even disrupt hormones.  It’s pretty scary stuff.  Care to learn more?  Read on…

Laundry detergents, floor cleaners, room sprays, deodorants, candles, body washes – the list of products with artificial fragrances can certainly go on. They might smell “calming” or “rejuvenating” but they similarly pose threats to your body.

Many synthetic fragrances yield skin allergies. These fragrances can also worsen the condition of an individual who has asthma. Be mindful as well of products which claim to remain fragrant for 24 hours and more. They might contain phthalates whose heavy dosages can jeopardize one’s reproductive and endocrine system.

Several researchers have also focused on fragrant toiletries whose ingredients have been linked to cancer. What is also alarming is that these chemicals do not easily dissipate. They can inhibit the body for a long time, not to mention our environment contributing to a whole host of additional challenges.

While most of the products with faux fragrance are unregulated, it does not mean that you have to be complacent as well. As a consumer, it is your right to invest on safe phthalate-free products. Stay away from items that do not indicate the ingredients on the labels. Make sure your labels are not lion!  Look for pure essential oils, nothing synthetic for face, body or home as they can negatively impact your purrrecious critters as well!

In summary, rely on natural non-toxic items. Instead of filling your vanity kit with items you are unsure of, just opt for products that use natural oils as fragrances. There is an array of organic mists that can quickly soothe your senses. You’ll be surprised that there are hundreds of natural scents derived from plants which can uplift your feelings.

To eradicate foul smells at home, you may also consider DIY natural home fresheners.

By understanding what products go into your body, surely you’ll be able to find alternatives that are effective sans the harmful effects.

So start right meow!


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