Whisker Away The Easy Way! Grooming Tips for your kitties.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the special things about cats are that they are so independent, yet most can still use some assistance from their owners when it comes to grooming. It is necessary to keep their coat maintained to prevent hairballs and matted fur – and to avoid making your furry friend furious!

While cats can clean themselves using their scratchy tongue and teeth, matted tangled fur can cause purrroblems. If kitty swallows a lot of fur it can result in hairballs and clog the intestinal tract. MEOWCH! Here are some grooming tips to make your baby feel pampurrred:

1. Brush your kitty, but be patient!

Not all cats enjoy being brushed. Be gentle and start brushing from your cat’s neck down to the tail. Try to avoid  bringing the brush too close to the cat’s face. Many are finicky about belly brushing so use caution. If your cat considers the brush his enemy, you may use a grooming glove as an alternative. Apart from brushing your cat’s coat, you’ll be able to give him or her a nice massage.

Should you notice extreme flaking, fleas or flea dirt (small black specs), consult a veterinarian or purchase a treatment option right away because ticks, fleas, and other parasites do not only cause discomfort but can cause health issues.

2. Don’t ignore the cat’s oral health

If the breath of your cat is foul, while that is just the norm for some, kitty could also have a tartar build-up, infection or otherwise. Regularly check the cat’s mouth to ensure that no gum disease is developing.  You can try to brush kitties teeth with some direction from your veterinarian but good luck!  When you find the secret do share!

3. Check their eyes and ears.

Grooming your cat is important not just to make him look purrty but to also ensure that that they are healthy. Eyes should appear clear and bright. If the corners of the eyes have unusual stains or build up of fluid, you might want to consider allergies or other culprits. Sometimes changes in diet can make the difference, but consult the vet if it continues. Conjunctivitis can be painful for them and lead to blindness so don’t disregard this.

Ears should be clean and pink. Be cautious of mites as they can injure the ear drum over time. When cleaning your pet’s ears, use cotton balls instead of swabs for the latter can lead to injuries.

4. Trimming their nails

Cats naturally trim their nails by scratching and playing, some felines don’t have the option. If your kitty stays indoors, trim his nails regularly to prevent problems.  It also helps to purchase a scratching post inside your home.  They go nuts for them!

By remembering these grooming tips, surely you will have a rewarding relationship with your furry companion.

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