Why Crazy Cat Ladies Are Not Crazy After All


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3 Reasons Why Crazy Cat Ladies Aren’t So Crazy After All


There is a stigma that people have about cat ladies. That they are covered in cat fur all the time, never found the right man or simply are crazy hoarders in their homes. But the reality is that cat ladies are anything BUT crazy. In fact they’re just loving people who love their cats too! Here are 3 reasons cat ladies aren’t crazy… no matter what you’ve heard.


  1. They Have High Standards. Despite what you may think about “crazy” cat ladies they aren’t living in piles of excrement with fur balls flying around them – drinking out of the milk carton. Actually, because they have such affection for their four-legged feline friends they are more inclined to have a higher standard when it comes to choosing safe products for them and their critters, taking care of their homes, their pets and our environment. Many cat ladies also know how to select natural items from sustainable sources and use minimal packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. You can thank them for that 😉


  1. They Are Less Stressed. Cat owners are more chilled out than the rest of the population. With everybody running around trying to meet the requirements of a packed schedule, cat ladies are actually scientifically shown to have less stress and lower blood pressure rates – they also have a reduced risk of illnesses. They POL™  (purr out loud) and it shows!


  1. They Save Lives. What gives cat ladies their infamous “crazy” name is that people think these women can’t stop at just one cat, or two, or three or ten! And that may be true, but when you consider that the Humane Society reported that 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters every year and only about 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters or rescues they don’t seem so crazy for bringing these animals home. Do they? What’s really outrageously crazy is that our society throws away pets like garbage and the result is an overpopulation problem and shelters filled beyond capacity.


Cat ladies do us a service by having high environmental standards, being less stressed and helping to control our pet population. But not everybody can be a crazy cat lady. Some people simply don’t have the space or time to care for a pet. So if you’d like to help some kitties in need please do not adopt one if you cannot care for it. Consider volunteering, donating, or even dropping off towels, blankets, food and supplies to local rescues – every little bit REALLY helps! Or just treat yourself to some Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions. Your purchase of these non-toxic personal care products support the cause for many precious paws.  Whatever you opt to do, you can help change the stigma around crazy cat ladies, and help purrvide homes and love to kitties in need!

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